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Common Questions

Common Questions

As a church who seeks to live life as an extended spiritual family, we know you may have a few questions. We would love to talk with you further and discuss any questions you may have. Below are a few questions you may find helpful.

Do I have to become a part of the Covenant Family to join the Oikos family?

No you do not. You may choose to be part of the Committed Family and still participate in all gathered and scattered experiences, the Lord's Supper, Baptism, pastoral care, etc. However, only individuals of the Covenant Family may vote, be appointed as an Elder, or voted in as a Board Member.

More information can be found in our Constitution and Bylaws or feel free to contact us.

I'd like my child to be confirmed and/or go through first communion. What age is recommended?

At Oikos, we believe that each family should make those decisions with consultation of the Pastors or Elders. Families should ask questions to see if their child is ready. Commonly, around 8th Grade for Confirmation and 3rd to 6th grade for First Communion. Connect with an Elder for guidance in what kind of questions you should be asking and how you can begin to prepare your child for either of these events.

Do I have to join the Covenant Family in order to transfer my membership from another LCMS congregation?

No. When you request to transfer your membership, you automatically become part of the Committed Family at Oikos. If you desire to dive in deeper and devote yourself to the rest of our spiritual family, then prayerfully jump into one of our missional communities and let us know.