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Morning Devotions

Morning Devotions

The Early Church lived as an extended family, an oikos. They shared life together and had common weekly rhythms, as well as daily rhythms. Morning Devotions is our daily rhythm of life together as we take an hour every Monday - Thursday to talk about what the Lord is saying to us in our daily text.

morning devotions poloroidWe would love for you to join us any of these mornings in person at the Central Target Starbucks on Shearn Street or via Zoom. We begin at 8:15am with a song, then whoever is leading that day opens us up in prayer then shares a 10 minute devotion on what the Lord was speaking to them, and then we simply have meaningful discussion about what the Lord is saying to all of us for the remainder of the time.

We all subscribe to the Moravian Daily Text which we read beforehand in our personal morning abide time. Click here for more info on the Moravian Text or to subscribe via email.

To join us via Zoom, email us and we will send you the Meeting ID.