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'Round the Table MC

'Round the Table MC

Rob Carrie Round the Table MC - Poloroid Mock Up - 321w'Round the Table MC is all about relationships in the neighborhood. Rob and Carrie open their home to share life together with a gathering 'round the table. This will be the monthly main meal for other planned and unplanned gatherings throughout the year.  Come share food and drink, or talk about parenting, or serve the neighborhood, or meet for a concert, or join a book study, or just hang around.  Life brings plenty of spice, so let's enjoy it together.


THE MISSION: "Sharing Life Together."


TIME/DATE: 2nd Monday of Every Month from 6:00pm - 8:00pm


LOCATION: Donaldson's Home (1009 Columbia St., 77008)


ROB: (805) 234-8322
CARRIE: (805) 723-4959