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New Beginnings: Week 1

January 3, 2016 Preacher: Aaron Lytle Series: New Beginnings

New Beginnings
Genesis 1-2 - Week One

God’s Story

26Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.”
27So God created human beings in his own image.
In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. —Genesis 1:26-27

7Then the lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person. —Genesis 2:7

22Then the lord God made a woman from the rib, and he brought her to the man.
23“At last!” the man exclaimed.
“This one is bone from my bone,
and flesh from my flesh!
She will be called ‘woman,’
because she was taken from ‘man.’” —Genesis 2:22-23

How often do you make God into your image?

God made us in His image.

The story of God is one of love.

1See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are! But the people who belong to this world don’t recognize that we are God’s children because they don’t know him. —1 John 3:1

When you know the Father, you live as His child

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