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Covenant Family

Covenant Family

Our Oikos Covenant Family are those who have formally committed to one another in order to take responsibility for the mission and vision of Oikos; this is called a covenant.

Our Covenant Family has comitted to following Jesus and to be held accountable for living in the way of Jesus. They are committed to living in a rhythm of life together in both the gathered and scattered expressions of the Church. Those in the Covenant family are able to become elders, board members, and are able to vote on decisions that need to be made by the congregation.

Is the Lord calling you to join our Covenant Family? Please read through our Oikos Church Covenant. If the Lord is leading you to sign, let Pastor Aaron know and we will also have you sign your covenant rock at one of our Covenant Family MC Gatherings!

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During our monthly Covenant Family Gatherings, we eat together, share words of thanksgiving, sing together, pray together, and may celebrate the Lord's Supper.

The Mission: "Creating & sending family."

Our gatherings take place on the FIRST Sunday of every month from 5:00pm - 6:30pm at the home of Pastor Aaron and Sara Lytle.