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At Oikos Church, baptism is for anyone of any age. Every single one of us, no matter where we are at in life, are held captive by sin and cannot save ourselves. Through baptism, using the simple element of water and the Word of God, God mysteriously unites us to the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ and claims us as his own; his sons and daughters. This is where your journey with Jesus begins.

So you want to be baptized?

baptism poloroid



Talk to whomever was the one who led you to faith in Jesus or a trusted friend or family member and let them know you are ready to join God’s family. This is an exciting moment!


Talk to Pastor Aaron. He would love to talk with you and set the date and place for this. Maybe it's on Sunday morning in our worship gathering or perhaps in your missional community.


Pray about who will be your sponsors. Sponsors (or God-Parents) are those whom you want to help you follow Jesus and will commit to praying for you daily.


Your baptism. Invite all your family and friends to share in this awesome moment!


Now that you’ve been brought into God’s family, it’s important that you continue the journey of discipleship: learning to imitate the words, works, and ways of Jesus so that you can effectively make disciples and join us in extending the kingdom of God!

It’s important that you are living in community with other followers of Jesus. We want to make sure you have this opportunity, so be sure to learn about our Missional Communities.


You may find it helpful to read through our statement of faith if you haven't already!