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Life Together

Life Together

At Oikos, we are passionate about living life together and living in a common rhythm that resembles that of the extended family.

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When we started Oikos Church, we dreamed of doing church differently, because we were not satisfied with what most of us know as "church." It seems that church has become a place you go once a week, sit down in a pew (maybe even one you have "claimed"), have some quick superficial conversations, and then head home to watch the game.

We are seeking to create a culture of family that is brought together not by our own blood, but by the blood of Jesus. We embrace both the structured and organic elements of a familial lifestyle. We seek to live in a rhythm between temple and homeas both the gathered and scattered Church. We gather together every Sunday morning at the "temple" to worship Jesus and gather in homes in missional communities as the scattered Church.

We are family. We are Oikos.