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Why We Exist

Why We Exist

People are seeking valued relationships. Family is no longer limited to your blood relatives, instead we now call those who accept us and we can hang out with, our family.

covenant family polaroidIn an effort to boost attendance at worship and other events, many churches have followed our culture by creating places where everything is accepted so that no one is offended. Other churches have put up fences and barriers to the outside world by telling people that you can’t be accepted until you act more like us. Both ways are not working.

Jesus calls us to something better. He calls us to invite everyone and then care enough to disciple those who choose to follow. At Oikos, we call people to become families on mission together, no matter what their past may be. We don’t seek perfection, but we valued repentance and belief.

We care for people by inviting them into our everyday lives as we try to follow Jesus. Discipleship at Oikos means embracing the identity of God’s son or daughter. God freely invites us into His family, through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.

As a son or daughter of God, you get the grand opportunity to represent Jesus to others. This means, that everyone is accepted and invited. It’s through this invitation that we care enough to share what God’s Word says, and then we ask you what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to your heart. We care enough, to walk with you through the changes the Lord is asking of you. Because, that is what family does.