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As families on mission together, we value the whole family together as much as possible; even during our worship gathering. 

Kids' Corner

We value families worshiping together, so in order to provide families with small children up to 3 years old, we have the KIDS' CORNER! A place where you can let your little ones get down and wiggle during the service. It's located in the back of our worship center closest to our Holy Grounds coffee bar. It's within our worship space so that you can be together and yet be a little more comfortable. There are rugs and a few toys to make the space enjoyable for the kids.

Available every Sunday | Infant - 3 Year Olds

Covenant & Kingdom (C&K) Kids

Our fundamental responsibility is to represent God. So this is where we begin with our kids. As we began the discussions about how we are going to disciple our children, we felt it to be most fruitful to do something different than Sunday School; instead, it would be a 30-minute discipleship time that happens at the same time as the sermon. At the beginning of the message, all children ages Toddlers - High School are invited to go with our C&K Kids team to the C&K Kids Room, which is located near the church office. They will be brought back by the time the sermon ends. If you would like to help Sara Lytle lead this experience or have questions, please contact her at

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Every Sunday at the beginning of the Sermon | All Children | Leaders: Sara Lytle & Rachel Jones

About Covenant & Kingdom

CK_wg_polaroid_mockup-ICONCovenant is all about the relationship: the word means "a promise to become one." God's desire was that we should live in union with him. God's desire was that, when anyone looked at us, they would see him. Kingdom is the expression of God's Kingship on the earth, which he chooses to express through us. Kingdom follows Covenant because responsibility always follows relationship. Our fundamental responsibility is to represent God. So this is where we begin with our kids.