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Join Our Family

Join Our Family

covenant family poloroid 2We are so excited that you are interested in joining our family on mission called Oikos! Everything we do at Oikos reflects our values of Families on Mission, Life Transformation, and Making Disciples. This means that our process may look different from other churches. When we speak of joining our family, we are speaking about responsibility. We believe that the Church should be a place where everyone conributes, yet everyone is supported. Within our family, we have three different levels of representation.

Levels of Representation

Covenant Family:

Becoming part of the Covenant family is the highest level of responsibility where people desire to take responsibility for living a Christ-centered life and living out the mission and vision of Oikos Church. Becoming part of the Covenant family, you are saying that you desire to follow Jesus and be held accountable for living in the way of Jesus and are committed to living in a rhythm of life in both the gathered and scattered expressions of the Church. Those in the Covenant family are able to become elders, board members, and are able to vote on big decisions that need to be made by the congregation. In order to be a part of the Covenant family, you will need to enter into covenantal relationship with the rest of those who have signed by signing the Oikos Church Covenant (available here).

Committed Family:

Becoming part of the Committed family requires no formal commitment other than commiting to Oikos Church. Those desiring this level of responsibility receive all the same pastoral care as those in the Covenant family and are able to participate in the Lord's Supper and serve on any of our teams. Those in the Committed family are not eligible to vote, nor serve as an elder or board member.

Guests of the Family:

The Guests of the Family are those who are a consistent part of the community and are under the pastoral care of this congregation, but have not made a formal commitment to the community and are not Covenant Family. Guests of the Family are eligible to participate at Congregational meeting, but are not permitted to vote.

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