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Who We Are

Who We Are

WHAT DOES OIKOS MEAN? An oikos (pronounced: OY - KOSS; οἶκος, plural: οἶκοι) is the ancient Greek equivalent of a household, house, or family. As families on mission together, OIKOS represents who we are and how we disciple others.

baptismart-wg_polaroid_mockupWe are a place where the broken, divorced, lonely, absent, fearful, misguided, hypercritical, addicted, shameful, confused and rejected people can find a home, a family, a place where they belong.

At Oikos, family is not bound through our blood lines but is created through the blood of Jesus. Through his sacrifice on the cross and his resurrection, new life is brought to each of us who believe in him. He welcomes everyone and invites us to follow him in his ways, his works and his words. Jesus sees you as family, regardless of how the world sees you or you see yourself. He sees you as worthy of being a son or daughter of the Everlasting Father.

In our culture there is a need for valued relationships. With the break of up the nuclear family through divorce and the increase transience within our culture, family is created with those who invite you into their lives. This can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on who you connect with.

Our culture dictates we should be a people where everything is accepted so that no one is offended. However, Christ has called us to something that is counter-cultural. We need to invite everyone and disciple those who follow Him. Following Jesus brings life transformation. There is right and wrong based on the ways, the works and the words of Jesus. Through life transformation, the broken are restored, the shameful are honored, and the rejected are accepted. Through His invitation, family forms where there was no family before. This is Oikos.

Our family mission is to help people experience Jesus and then walk with them as they learn to follow Him. We do this together, because Jesus as called us into relationship to represent Him to the world. We represent the ways, works and words of Jesus by living balanced lives of: UP | IN | OUT

We seek to live a balanced life like Jesus


We create a culture who desires intimacy with Jesus
We worship daily and weekly with others
We listen to God’s voice through his Word, prayer and other followers
We are generous with what He gives us
We recognize that every blessing is from God
We look for God to break into our lives and the lives of others with His Kingdom


We create an environment where we accept people as they are.
We create an environment where we are transparent and live life together.
We expect to become more Christ-like.
We learn through experience and being in the world.
We learn together as we live life together.
We create a place that is relaxed and forgiving.
We live in accountable relationships.
We believe in a discipling culture.


We engage the current culture.
We reflect Jesus wherever we go.
We create a place where we invite others into our lives.
We become known in the community.
We are known as a safe place.
We invest in leaders who are unleashed into an unbelieving world.