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In Our Worship Gatherings

In Our Worship Gatherings

As families on mission together, we all take responsibility for the mission and vision the Lord has placed on our hearts. As family, we believe that we are all called to contribute and take responsibility for the life and ministry of Oikos. If you would like to contribute your time and talents for the sake of the mission, we invite you to pray about how and where the Lord would like you to serve.

Worship Arts Teams

The Arts have an important place within the context of our Sunday morning worship gathering. The Arts provide a creative way of helping us see the beauty of God and communicating the truths of scripture through several different mediums. We have a few different creative teams for you to join.

Musical Arts:

musicalarts_wg_polaroid_mockup-ICON The Musical Arts team consists of musicians who desire to serve the Lord through playing music in our worship gatherings on Sundays mornings, as well as any other opportunity throughout the week, such as at our missional commuinty gatherings and other events. The desire for this team is that we live life as musicians on mission together seeking to be and make disciples as we lead others in worship. 

Technical Arts:

techarts-wg_polaroid_mockup-ICON The Technical Arts team includes opportunities to run our sound board, our live broadcasts, computer presentations, our lighting system, as well as an A/V set-up team. If you desire to be involved behind the scenes in our worship gathering and provide a technically beautiful and well-executed service, then contact KC Rodgers

Visual Arts:

Creative Arts:

Lord's Supper Team

Celebrating the Lord's Supper is an integral part of who we are as the Body of Christ. We celebrate communion on the 1st Sunday of the month in our gathered worship service. The way we serve communion is an intimate and familial experience, so we love to have spouses, couples, friends, and singles distribute the elements. Contact our Ministry Assistant, Sylvia Schmidt, for more information.

Holy Grounds Coffee Team

"All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!" Coffee has always been a staple to our worship gatherings in addition to donuts, pastries, and croissants. If you have a passion for coffee and would like to help us set-up Holy Grounds on Sunday mornings or if you would like to pick up the baked goods from Three Brothers Bakery, contact Ian Moore, for more information.

Covenant & Kingdom Kids Team

We value discipling our children and helping them live out the words, works, and ways of Jesus by helping them understand their identity as God's sons and daughters and their responsibility to represent Him. Every Sunday morning during the message, children PreK-High School are invited to participate in our C&K Kids time. If you would like to help Sara Lytle lead this experience, please contact her at