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SQUARE: Leading Others

Multiplying the life of Jesus into the lives of others. 


Key Scriptures: Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 12:22-32, Mark 9:14-29, John 19-23

Jesus was able to take a group of 12 men, invest in them, and teach them to do all that he could do in less than three years. How was he able to multiply his life into theirs so quickly? Jesus understood that at different points in their journey, he needed to lead them in different ways. At first, he was DIRECTIVE (D1) with them, casting vision, calling them to do as he did. Then, he was brilliantly and compassionately COACHING (D2) them when they ran into brick walls and wanted to give up. When they started to see more success than failure, both in their Character and in their Competencies, he was more about COLLABORATION (D3). Finally, as he ascended and sent them out into all the world, to make disciples as he had taught them, he DELEGATED (D4) all his responsibility to them. As disciples we can learn to lead as Jesus led, to teach and train our disciples in the way of Christ.

Copyright of Mike Breen 2015, used with permission

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